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Mandy T-Shirt. The man the Labour Party may yet come to love. One of the most formidable political operators of the last... CLICK IMAGE ABOVE TO ZOOM
Mandy T-Shirt: The man the Labour Party may yet come to love. One of the most formidable political operators of the last twenty years - and that's just how his many enemies describe him! One Peter "Mandy" Mandelson, otherwise known as Baron Mandelson of Foy of the County of Herefordshire and Hartlepool in the County of Durham, First Secretary of State, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills, President of the Board of Trade and Lord President of the Council.

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Men's T-Shirts (from £14.99):
Mandy Khaki Men's T-Shirt Mandy Red Men's T-Shirt Mandy Hazelnut Men's T-Shirt Mandy Ash Men's T-Shirt Mandy Sky Blue Men's T-Shirt Mandy Pink Men's T-Shirt Mandy White Men's T-Shirt Mandy Natural Men's T-Shirt Mandy Yellow Men's T-Shirt
100% Recycled T-Shirts (from £19.99):
Mandy Red 100% Recycled Men's T-Shirt Mandy Heather Grey 100% Recycled Men's T-Shirt
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Mandy Olive Women's T-Shirt Mandy Red Women's T-Shirt Mandy Baby Pink Women's T-Shirt Mandy White Women's T-Shirt Mandy V-Neck White Women's T-Shirt
Long-Sleeved T-Shirts (from £17.99):
Mandy White Long-Sleeved Men's T-Shirt
Kids' T-Shirts (from £9.99):
Mandy Red Kids' T-Shirt Mandy White Kids' T-Shirt
Bags (from £17.99):
Mandy Red Messenger Bag Mandy Desert Khaki Canvas Messenger Bag

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